Two Reasons Why Accepting Change & Open-Mindedness Lead To A Great Adulthood

Accepting change and being open-minded not only inspires you learn and grow, but it also helps strengthen your belief in yourself.

1. You will discover things you never knew you were capable of. 

Moving away from home to Madison, Wisconsin was a BIG change for me. It wasn’t until the first morning I woke up in my freshman room dorm until I realized that I am technically an adult, living on my own. In high school, I was used to someone cooking for me, doing my laundry and folding my clothes. In return, these luxurious aspects made me extremely lazy, as I expected multiple things to get down on their own. Coming to college and gaining an immense amount of responsibility greatly increased my level of conscientiousness. 

Freshman year, I created my own routine, new study habits, did my laundry weekly, made my bed every morning, and most importantly, I never left any projects and assignments to the last minute. Coming into my senior year, I continue to do these and have noticed that it makes me much happier and less stressed overall. I would have never uncovered this quality about my identity if I didn’t make the decision to attend college far away from home and far outside my comfort zone.

2. Joining new activities or organizations will lead to amazing friendships and experiences. 

Getting involved on campus can feel overwhelming at first. However, attending the Student Organization Fair this upcoming fall will help you find something that you will want to be apart of. This two day fair features over 400 of UW-Madison’s student run clubs. From ultimate frisbee to martial arts, there is a group for everyone at the Student Org Fair. Before you know it, you will be meeting amazing people with similar interests of your own and making incredible memories along the way.  

By making the active choice to be open to discovering more about yourself and engaging in new experiences, you will experience an exciting and insightful transition into adulthood. 


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