Three Ways to Save Money like an Adult

Now that you’re in college, you’ve got to act more like an adult. And as hard at is it, part of being an adult is saving money. As college student, there are a lot of expenses to be paid – food, books, sports, and living are just a few of them. After my freshman year, I noticed three ways to save money like an adult that helped me everyday.

  1. Eating on a Budget. If you’re anything like me you’re hungry all the time, and food expenses add up. If you control that urge to go to the dinning hall instead of ordering in an expensive meal, saving will be easy. Also, there is an amazing app called red-card that offers meal discounts for students.
  2. Used Books. Before buying all new books, ask around and see if anyone has the books you need because there is a good chance someone has already taken the class you’ve signed up for.
  3. Getting Around. Use the public transportation! Buses take you from building to building and around Madison. Don’t waste your money on Uber!

If you follow these steps, your already on the right path to start saving and calling yourself an adult! Hit the link below to see even more ways to save as a college student:

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