Speakers and Hippie Christmas in Madison

Music is a key part of maintaining a healthy state. Whether you’re listening to dance, to cry, or to workout, there’s countless applications. Similarly, music brings people together through similar bands, concerts, and festivals. Consequently, one item that I found to be indispensable in college is a good speaker. Similar to music, there’s countless applications to having a good stereo setup. From being able to watch movies and listen through a more powerful stereo than your tv to decompressing from finals to being able to host a bunch of friends; the options are nearly endless and music makes most situations better.

Although many nice speakers might break the bank, a cheap way to potentially grab a solid set up is during Hippie Christmas in Madison. Every August when the vast majority of student leases expire for the year and people are moving to new locations or graduating, they leave their unwanted stuff on the side of the road. Despite this potentially being labeled at glorified dumpster diving, it’s a really cost effective way to get some cool stuff. Last summer, I was able to get my hands on a pair of 300 dollar speakers and a sweet neon sign. You never know what you might find.

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