Meeting Your Most Important Friend, You.

People will give you the most random advice before you start your freshman year. Join this! Do that! Don’t do that! Sleep more, party less. Party more, sleep less! At the end of the day, college is the first time you ever get to truly just be yourself.

When I came to UW-Madison two years ago I was beyond panicked. I joined all these clubs, declared a fancy sounding major, and tried to be something I’m not.

I am proud to say that I, a twenty one year old Communication Arts and Retailing/Consumer Behaviors major am not the person I thought I had to be when I came to UW. This year is your year to experiment. Go wild! Join some clubs, maybe a rec sports team? Or do nothing and focus on your passions, running, art, music. Once you feel ready, join a club for it, or just make some friends who also like the same stuff as you!

Your freshman year gives your options. Don’t feel the need to squash yourself into a person you assume you should be. Don’t bury yourself with choices, the right club, group, or organization is out there, don’t burn yourself out trying to find it.

There is no checklist for your freshman year. Each one is different, and no ones is better than anyone else’s. The only thing you do the same as anyone else is be born and die. What happens in between is your own choice.

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