Living on your own? Take a minute and listen to this…

Living by yourself for the very first time can be scary! Especially if you’re used to your mom always telling you what to do and when to do it. 

Getting organized requires little effort. I have curated a collection of little things that help me stay organized. When you buy a new box of something- let’s say, protein bars, Tip #1: Rip the top flaps off, and make the box a little shorter than the product, for easy storing and visuals of what the contents inside the box are. This makes it easy to store and is a great way to keep things neat. 

Tip #2: Always be prepared. Walking to class takes energy. Make sure to pack a little snack in your backpack in case you get hungry, and maybe keep a mini deodorant in there too- in case Bascom gets the best of you. Tip #3: Make a home-made emergency kit to have with you at all times. This can be filled with some cash, Advil, Tylenol, allergy medicine, band-aids, tampons, mints, floss- anything you mayneed, that is tiny and compactable, during your busy day! 

Tip #4: KEEP A PLANNER. Keeping track of your assignments is imperative. No excuses, if’s and’s- or but’s! Sometimes, technology can fail us- what’s so bad about kicking it back old fashion with colored pens and a notebook? Insider Tip: Decorate it a little bit each time you write in it!

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