How To Pick Your Own Classes…ON TIME

A huge part of adulting is being accountable for your various schedules. One thing I wish I would have done more efficiently my freshman year was pay attention to the date and time I was supposed to pick courses for the following semester. My first semester, I did not enroll into second semester until the last week of winter break because I was waiting for…well I do not know what I was waiting for but here is how to not be like me:

1.) Speak with your adviser regularly– I had not seen my adviser since my S.O.A.R. orientation. BIG MISTAKE. By staying close to your adviser, you will have every date, class requirement, and grade requirement you will need to have a very successful academic year. They are all trained to be very kind and patient, so do not ever hesitate to reach out to them.

2.) Get familiar with MY UW– A very simple way to schedule your courses is through the academic navigator tab on MY UW. This should be the same system that you used at S.O.A.R. to schedule your first semester classes. It is very user friendly and self accessible.

3.) Read EVERY email– Look, the emails can be overwhelming at times but you have to be aware of what is being sent to and from you on Outlook. Be conscious of what is and is not important in relation to picking classes and have a DARS report sent to your email from your adviser to figure out fulfillments.

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