Didn’t feel a vibration? Keep it in your pocket!

We all have them, those dang smartphones. One of the most versatile tools and we have them at our fingertips almost all day. You’ll see people taking pictures of their food, taking selfies by the lake, or scrolling through Facebook almost at all times, especially in the most awkward year; freshman year. It becomes a security blanket in that sea of uncertainty that can be your new campus. But take the time to release your gaze, look up and smile. Making it a habit to not look at your phone as much is an essential adult life-hack that everyone around you will notice, and in a good way.

Making friends is usually the #1 priority for new student, and they want them fast. Well, surprise, almost all the other freshmen are in the same boat. But one of the most attractive features when making friends is being attentive and full of emotion. This goes much farther into the realm of getting a job and finding those new experiences you didn’t even see coming. When you go into a professor’s office looking for an internship, the person who’s fully engaged and attentive will always have the advantage of the person who maybe had one headphone in when they entered and was thinking about getting back to the videogame at home.


You can get a screen time recorder to see how long you use you phone and on what things and turn off useless notifications to help you with your phoneless endeavor. It really is a stand-out trait that seems to be less and less prevalent in new generations. So, if you want to go the extra mile and always make a good impression, work on being more in-tune with the world and keep your cell phone in your pocket for longer.

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