3 Ways To Turn Up After Quiet Hours

Unfortunately, some human beings need to actually sleep to be optimally functional, so in order to be considerate peers we do our best not to interrupt their sleep during certain times of night. Quiet hours in most dorms on campus are applied from 11:00pm to 7:00am Sunday through Thursday and Midnight to 7:00am Friday and Saturday. I know, very unrealistic right? BUT just because you have to be quiet does not mean you cannot have a good time!

Here are three ways to keep the party going after quiet hours:

  1. Move locations- Since the first floor of most dorms either do not have actual dorms or have a recreation room available, it is never an issue to take a few flights downstairs and continue the party while staying inside. Now, you of course cannot throw a Project X party in the lounge, but if you are looking to still have fun with your friends after hours, it’s a great alternative.
  2. Have a movie night– Once quiet hours begin, many students cope by just finding quiet activities. You can never go wrong with Shrek and snacks!
  3. Involve your floormates and consult your housefellow– Many people are okay with you extending a good time if you include them and ask their permission. If everyone consents then rock on! But still not TOO loud. Communication is key in college.

Although college is fun here, be sure to actually utilize those quiet hours when you can, especially during finals week :).

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