3 Adulting Life Hacks For College Freshman

Transitioning from a teen living with your parents, to an “adult” living on your own is a bigger change than people think. There are many things you need to learn about living on your own that no one actually mentions. Here are some adulting life hacks that can help you as you start your first year of college.

  1. Grocery Shopping

Grocery shopping was always intimidating to me. I didn’t know what to buy because I wanted to eat healthy but stay in my budget. It’s helpful to grocery shop with your family or you friends. They contribute more ideas for buying things that last a long time and are in your budget.

     2. Treating Yourself vs Wasting Money

Learning to save your money can be pretty tricky. Now that you have the power to really do whatever you want, it can be pretty easy to get carried away with going out, shopping online, etc. Lots of people, including me, use “treating myself” as an excuse. In certain situations,it’s acceptable to treat yourself, but if you do it too often you’ll end up wasting your money.

     3. Take Care of Yourself

One of the most important things you can do for yourself in college is keep your body and mind healthy. It’s easier said than done, but exercising can really help. Join a Student Org, Rec Sport, or find a gym buddy. I am in Optima Dance and it’s really helped me stay active and social. Take care of yourself by getting enough sleep, exercising, and eating healthy.


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