2 Helpful Time-Saving Tips

Getting set up at college was difficult for me. I had to fly halfway across the country to a school where I knew literally 2 people. When my parents dropped me off they helped me get set up in my room and then that was it, and they left. I was pretty lost and didn’t really know how to do most things. These are the three helpful tips I found during my first two years at UW-Madison that have completely changed my life.


So I can’t be the only person that had never done complex laundry before coming to college. I found that 80% of my closet was dry clean only or wash specially and I just didn’t have the time or resources to do that. I discovered lazybones and it changed my life. Every week they pick up and drop off your laundry. They fold it, iron/steam it, dry clean it, and even hand wash it. Needless to say it’s awesome.

The “80”

So I also can’t be the only person that had never used public transportation in my life before college. Luckily from the dorms, the bus, the “80”, picks up and drops off outside of Witte and outside of Sellery. It saved me hours and hours of walking time that I would have had to do during the harsh winter. My suggestion is that you ride it once before going to class otherwise it might be difficult to figure out.

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