You Won’t Remember That. Write it Down

When I turned 18, I thought I was a true adult. However, when I got to college, I couldn’t believe what I had gotten myself into. Luckily I started to write things down.

I don’t think I’ve ever been told with good direction: “don’t write that down, you’ll remember it,” because I won’t. Therefore, tip #1 for adulting is to have a portable agenda. A lot of people use their phones for this, but I think writing it down helps me remember it better and helps me feel more organized. An agenda is a perfect place to write all of your assignments down so you won’t forget, and one big part of “adulting” is making sure you complete tasks on time.

Some other things to write down are upcoming events and appointments. This is where tip #2 comes in: calendars. I had an actual calendar hung up in my dorm Freshman year and it really helped me plan out my week. Being an adult, to me, means being responsible, and responsibility has a lot to do with keeping up with your commitments.

Finally, tip #3 Have a notepad available in your dorm/apartment/house at all times. I used my notepad to write things down that I realized I needed during the week, so next time I went to the grocery store or to Walgreens, I would know exactly what I needed. Having a list on hand makes sure that you get the necessary supplies when you need them. 

Even though these tips may sound silly, writing things down has really helped me shift into adulthood.

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