Hmong American Inclusion | HASA

Many Hmong-American students on campus are first-generation students and are far away from home. Many freshmen have a hard time connecting and finding social clicks within campus. This could lead to loneliness and seclusion from the campus spirit. Hmong American Student Association is an organization on campus that helps connect fellow Hmong students who are individually unique!

Cultural Events

HASA promotes many cultural events that pertains to the Hmong culture. From traditional music, traditional dances, modern dancing, and modern singing, it’s a place that connects many Hmong Americans together. Events like these are usually open to the public, so bring your family and friends!

Social Advocacy

HASA promotes social advocacy events within the Hmong communities and the UW-Campus community. By providing a safe space for students to express their concerns and perspectives regarding social injustices, it’s a great way to find solutions to fix your community off and on campus. HASA has connected with other advocacy groups within campus to promote equality and equity for everyone.

Study Jams

HASA frequently host study jams in different libraries to promote group teachings and learning. It is a free event and usually provides food for students who show up. This is a great way to get to know other students who are studying in the same major and promote educational success on campus.

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