Can’t Live Without It: 3 Reasons You Need The Perfect Dorm Room Tapestry

I spent the summer before my freshman year at UW daydreaming about how I would decorate my dorm room. I planned out all the photos I would print, bought string lights to hang from wall to wall, and hunted endlessly for the cutest bedding. However, what I didn’t know I needed was the perfect tapestry! Here are three reasons a tapestry is an indispensable item when it comes to life as a freshman:

  1. It ’s a one-stop fix for those sad white walls. Hanging a tapestry is an easy way to give some life and color to the otherwise bleak, stark-white cinderblock Sellery walls.
  2. It’s a conversation starter. Get a tapestry of your favorite musical artist or painting, and people will be sure to ask you about it when they enter your dorm, a great way to get to know your new floor mates.
  3. It’s the perfect backdrop for your next Insta. As a freshman, dorm room pics are a must— having a tapestry creates a beautiful built-in backdrop that will make your feed look #cuteaf.

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