The 3 Best Spots to Study in Sellery

Sellery (and Witte) Residence Hall certainly has its reputation for buzzing with social activity around the clock. While in my experience this proved to be true, I also found several great spaces to get some studying done within the walls of Sellery!

1. Your Floor’s Den

I would say this is the best place to start! The 9A den was where I got to know friends on my floor really well, and even connected with some people in the same classes. Our RA often stopped in here to say hello. There also are televisions and couches in the dens in case you need some time to relax.

2. The Basement

I know, it sounds scary. And creepy. But, the Sellery basement has some new furniture and great collaborative workspaces. Almost everyone I knew would study in this large room while waiting for their laundry to wash or dry.

3. The Classroom

This room isn’t always available, because as you can guess it is actually used for classes during the week, but it’s perfect for the weekends. What I liked about this space was that it really never got too crowded. So, if I didn’t want to walk through the -20 degree temps during finals, I still had a quiet, library-ish space to go!

An added bonus for all of these spaces is that you’re likely to run into Sellery residents there, and if you’re lucky, those encounters can turn into lasting friendships, just like mine did!

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