No one can beat Momma’s cooking

When you come to college, you are so excited about all the new things. Whether it’s friends, classes, or clubs, you are ready to make your own choices and have freedom. One of those things that I too was excited about was food! I was so excited to try all the new restaurants and be able to make my own food choices when it came to when and what I ate. I took every opportunity I could to eat ice cream and get a cookie from Gordon’s. I ate out at all the Madison specialities like Rising Songs, Shortstack, the food trucks, Tutto’s Pasta, Dlux – you name it. Since no one was telling me when to sleep either, I would constantly get late night Grubhub orders to pair with my late night movie. However, that excitement and thrill soon began to change.

About a month later, I saw my credit bill come in and lost my mind- I had spent more than $900 dollars on just food expenses! I walked over to the mirror and also started to see the extra layers that had been added to my love-handles. Already feeling cranky from sleep deprivation due to unnecessary late nights, I didn’t feel an inclination to eat at any dining hall or restaurant, nor did I want to spend the money. That’s when I remembered that my mom had packed some of her home cooked food and frozen it for me. I quickly opened my freezer and was overjoyed by the sight of different Indian rices and curries sitting there. Trust me, home food is indispensable.

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