Mice, Fruit Flies and Adulting Oh My

Mom and dad told you about how much you’ll miss the home cooked food, your sister talked about how hard it is to budget and your brother even mentioned that the college dating scene is HARD. But, no one prepared you for the scariest task you will face as an adult: bugs, rodents and other critters you don’t want to share your house with. However, I have come to learn that dealing with the critters (and cleaning to prevent them) are just as important as cooking and time management when it comes to adulting. Here are the bare necessities of “grown-up” cleaning.

  1. DO YOUR DISHES!! Seriously, just do them. I know you want to finish that new episode of Bachelor, but do your dishes first unless you want some unwelcome viewing companions.
  2. Vacuum cleaners (not diamonds) are a person’s best friend. It’s hard to notice how many unwanted crumbs fall to the ground until you vacuum, but do it and your floors (but not the ants) will thank you.
  3. Always put your food away. The fridge is there for a reason, use it. No one like rotten food besides fruit flies.
  4. Consistently clean you counter-tops. No one likes a dusty counter crack more than a spider.
  5. Take out the trash. Taking out the trash may seem like an obvious to-do list, but less people are inclined to do it then you think. The critters love those people. Don’t be those people.

Welcome to adulting, whether you’re living in a dorm or an apartment, make sure the only guests coming in are the ones you invite.

Child holding mop in kitchen
This could be you!
“June 1999” by laughingboyottawa

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