Why headphones are the most essential back to school supply:

It’s the night before moving into your college dorm, you are both anxious and exciting, anticipating unloading your belongings into your new home and meeting your random roommate who is bound to be your new family!

Of course, you have your bedspread, sheets, pillows, toiletries, and laundry packed, and you feel as if you are all ready to go. As you sit in bed brainstorming the remaining items that you must bring in order to ensure a successful freshman year, you MUST include headphones.

Why headphones are an essential tool to bring with you your freshman year?

  1. If your roommate snores, no problem, toss your headphones in!
  2. If your roommate goes to sleep early so you can not watch television or listen to music out loud, no problem, toss your headphones in!
  3. If you must watch a video for class but can not focus when everyone in the dorm room hallways are yelling, no problem, toss your headphones in!
  4. If you need to face time someone from back home but do not want your conversation to be overheard, no problem, toss your headphones in!
  5. If you are walking to class and feel as if you need a stress reliever before your big exam, no problem, toss your headphones in!

As you can see, headphones can be a simple solution to several problems one may encounter while tacking their freshman year! A pair of headphones in your pocket, and you are good to go!

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