Why a Hammock Should Be On Your Packing List for Your Freshman Year at UW-Madison

You’ve got your toothbrush, pillow, and bedding, but what’s something less obvious you should bring with you to school? A nylon parachute hammock is a simple way to enjoy the outdoors and a go-to activity to do with friends!

Easy, Portable, and Affordable

The most common place you’ll see hammocks is in the trees along the lakeshore path, but you can even find them between the railings on apartment balconies. With two straps that you can wrap around a wide variety of objects, setup is painless! Additionally, most hammocks will have a pouch that it stuffs into, so they’re easy to carry around. While there are expensive brands, I found my hammock on Amazon for under $20—great for staying on a college budget!

Enjoy the Nice Weather While It Lasts

When the school year starts, it’s still warm enough to enjoy sitting outside, but that isn’t going to last long. You’ll be stuck in the library all winter long, so use your hammock as unconventional study spot while you can! UW-Madison has Wi-Fi outdoors, so bring your homework and enjoy the warm weather while still being productive.

Make New Friends

It can be hard to know what to do around Madison when you’re a Freshman just getting to campus. Bond with your new floormates by hanging out in hammocks! Chances are someone else in your dorm will have one too, so find a cluster of trees or even try stacking them on top of each other. Just remember to be safe, and don’t forget music and snacks!

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