Pushing Yourself Through College and Adulthood

Becoming an adult and going to college comes with a lot of freedom. You are likely to learn a lot about yourself throughout your new journey into adulthood. With that being said, it’s important to prioritize some of the important stuff before you can have your down time!

I found laundry is important to not put off in college because when you stuff all of your clothes in your hamper during the week, you’re likely stuck with doing it for the weekend. I suggest doing laundry during the week because you have more free time on the weekends to relax, study, or hang out with friends. While living in the dorms, I noticed a lot of students liked to do their laundry on Sunday and there were long waits to try to get a washer and dryer which involved a ton of waiting around for the next one available. During the week it was much easier to get it done if I only had one or two classes that day and did if after. Don’t push it off!

I think it’s also important to recognize how no one is going to tell you to do your homework, go to class, or study in college. You won’t have that parent that’s breathing over you telling you to get your homework done before you binge watch your favorite show. You’re depending on yourself now with only personal reminders to get your stuff done; write in your planner, pin post-it notes on your fridge, make it happen!

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