Opportunities: The Key to Student Life

As someone admitted to UW-Madison, you’re likely no stranger to taking advantage of opportunities. There’s a good chance that you leveraged your involvement in clubs, sports, and academics to make your way to this University. Now that you’ve made it here, there is no one pushing you to get involved and stay involved. While that doesn’t mean your ambitious involvement should stop, it lets you figure out where you fit in a much more logical way.

The Student Org Fair at UW-Madison is hosted each spring in the Kohl Center

From personal experience, I’ve found that flipping the way I go about extracurriculars has been the best strategy. In high school, I was relatively uninvolved when I started out. Throughout my four years, I joined clubs or competitions under pressure from college applications. With the same “get involved” attitude during my first year at Wisconsin, I got involved with a wide variety of student organizations by the end of my first semester.

Throughout the next year, I was able to figure out where I felt most comfortable. Instead of constantly widening my reach of organizations as my four years went by, I was able to narrow down the orgs that I wanted to be an active participant in. In doing so, it didn’t feel like I was losing connections. Rather, because I was able to dedicate a large portion of my time to a few great groups of people, I was able to forge deeper connections with amazing people. If an opportunity presents itself, take it. You don’t have to stick with it, but at least try it out, because you might just find out where you belong.

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