Living Off-Campus is a Breeze with these 3 things

A quick walk around campus may have you feeling trapped with limited housing options. Expensive apartment complexes, student-run co-ops, dilapidated houses with “for rent” signs outside– all maybe less than ideal, all seemingly under threat of being snatched up before you can follow through with a lease. Take a deep breath! The city of Madison has a plethora of options you can tailor to your experience at any time, while still connecting to life on campus with ease. All you need are these three things to make your time easier while living in the apartment of your dreams:

1. Obtain an ASM Bus Pass

I’m always surprised how many UW students I meet that have never gotten their free bus pass from the Associated Students of Madison! Just stop by one of various locations at the beginning of the semester to obtain your bus pass, and get free access to the entire Madison Metropolitan area.

Too lazy to go to the Union to obtain your bus pass? UW also offers these bus lines free for all to use.

2. Download Google Maps (or other transit app)

Google Maps has an awesome transit feature that gives you bus arrivals and departures in real-time. Simply select “directions” for where you need to go, scroll to select the “transit” option, and the app gives you the next bus(es) that will get you where you need to be on time.

Pro tip: Explore the “Depart at” and “Arrive at” options to make sure you’re maximizing efficiency.

3. Invest in a bike

Did you know Madison, WI is one of five platinum-ranked bike-friendly cities in the U.S.? With a myriad of bike paths and separated lanes for cyclists on busy roads, having two wheels is often the fastest option to travel from point A to B in our isthmus community. Getting active between commitments is also an excellent way to stay healthy without changing your daily routine too much.

Check out Criagslist or Madison Buy & Sell Pages on Facebook to find a bike for cheap!

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