Keeping the Little Things In Mind

Maybe you’ve done your time in dorms, or maybe you’re just looking for that perfect apartment to spend your entire college career in, either way, here are some of those little things you might not think about checking before signing for an apartment.

My name is Tyler Jones, I’m a senior studying astrophysics, and looking back I’m very grateful for what my previous apartments have taught me. Kind of like a car, you don’t know the things wrong with it before you’re driving. Hopefully I can help you avoid those mistakes.

In college, sleep is VERY important; never underestimate it. So, when you’re looking at an apartment, make sure everything in the house is silent so you can hear the noise. Are there cars going by? Are you on a busy street? Let me tell you, I’ve been living on State Street for two years now, and as much fun as it is, it takes some time getting used to all that weekend party noise. Extra advice, if you are having sleeping troubles, get a fan, white noise is amazing.

Before class you want to be looking good and start ready. Most people I know start the morning taking a shower. So, make sure that the water gets hot fast; don’t wait 5 minutes for the shower to start steaming. Living with a roommate? If you have water heated in a giant tub, that hot water might run out after one shower, and your roommate won’t be happy about that, so check if your water is heated directly or if it comes pre-heated.

Electronics are absolutely essential, so spend the time to find outlets in the house, and bring something to plug into them. Imagine where you’ll put couched and beds; will your cords be long enough? Using that plug you brought, plug it in to a few, make sure they’re tight. I’m sure you’ve all come across those outlets that droop and barely hold your plug. Make sure you don’t have too many of those.

Well, hopefully this bring up some things you haven’t thought about. Now when you’re signing your lease, you’ll feel that the rent is worth every penny!

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