How To Defuse A Ticking Timebomb

If you’re anything like me, you have terrible anger issues.  It’s like a ticking timebomb and the slightest thing could set you off.

The reality of college is it is hard.  You will have terrible days, hard test, lousy teachers, and sometimes things just build up and you need to release them.  Back at home, you could lock yourself in your room, cry and scream all you want, but doing this in the dorms would be uncomfortable for both you and others.  Therefore, you need to compose yourself and try to have a backup plan to help defuse the situation.  

For me, breathing exercises always worked or counting down from 10 in a different language in my head.  Both of these things allowed me to think about something other than the irritation that I was feeling and made me calmer.  I also found myself heading over to the gym quite often to let out some steam. 

The absolute worst thing to do is take it out on other people.  The people in your dorm do not have time to deal with your teen angst and don’t want you yelling at them.  Instead, talk to a friend about what’s going on in your life.  Just let it all out.  It will make you feel better, calmer, and the bond between you and that person will be even stronger.    

Remember, it’s not healthy to hold in your emotions, but you need to release them in a healthy and safe way as well!

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