Must-try: Babcock Ice Cream for us badgers!

In Madison, there are not only cheese curds, beers and milk, we also have delicious ice cream for all of us badgers.

Babcock Ice Cream has been a symbol for UW-Madison campus culture for years because of its delicious flavor, innovations every year as well as the family-friendly culture.

I still remember on my first day of school, I got a coupon from my friend I met at SOAR so that I went to Daily Scoop at the Memorial Union to have my first try of the ice cream. I got cookie n’ cream and also mint chocolate. They are both delicious that I always stick to them even though I have been here for nearly two years. I never get tired of them.

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There are two main Daily Scoop shops on campus, one at the Memorial Union and the other at Union South, both good places for friends to meet and hang out together. Especially in summer holiday, it is commonly seen at the MU that people line up for ice cream and seat at the bank of the lake for an entire afternoon just for relaxing.

Ice Cream, as a culture symbol here in Madison, is innovated every year on its flavor. This year, we welcomed “March on Leckrone”, in memory of our marching band director, Mike Leckrone who is with the band for 50 years.

If you are looking for a place to relax with delicious dessert after a long day, Daily Scoop will be the perfect place to go with friends.

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