All Charged Up and Ready To Go

Picture this.

You are in your dorm room, snuggled up in the perfect position on your single bed. You are on your smartphone responding to Snapchats and scrolling through Instagram when the most dreaded message pops up on your smartphone, interrupting your leisurely scroll on social media…


“20% of battery remaining”

All you can debate is whether to get up and find your short annoying smartphone charger or do you ignore the message and keep scrolling until your smartphone dies and then you are forced to get up as well. Both situations end with you having to leave your almost perfect spot in bed. I quickly realized this was an ongoing, annoying battle I faced so eventually I learned that having a 10-foot-long phone charger is not extra, but essential.

I purchased a 10-foot-long smartphone charger from Native Union. It is a stylish lighting cord that comes in numerous colors and something that every college student will need during their time at school. Not only is extremely long, but it is also faster than most chargers. It has a lighting cable which helps the phone charge faster than most. Additionally, the cord has a type of rope around it to help the cord not break as easily as other cords that are only wired. This cord was worth every dollar and I recommend it highly for students packing up for college.

You might think this product may be excessive because of its length but trust me, the next time you are sitting in the most comfortable spot in bed, you will not have to get up and search your room for a short charger. Instead, you will be able to stay in the same spot, continue to scroll aimlessly and charge your phone, all at the same time.

This photo is screen-shotted from the Native Union Website

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