Plan Ahead with a Planner

Transitioning into college was a hard one for me, especially when it came to studying or staying on schedule with assignments. In high school, I didn’t have to study a lot to pass tests nor did I need a set schedule. I basically wung a lot of my high school experience.

Coming to college was a whole different story. I realized I was a huge procrastinator and quickly found myself being behind in classes and not being able to manage my time.

Until I bought one item that literally changed my life. An planner is a must-have for all incoming freshman and is still even useful for me now as a junior.

This item is probably the only reason I survived my first year at UW. It helped me organize my whole entire life into one place and allowed me to reflect each week on what needs to be done by what day. Before I bought my planner, I was doing my assignments randomly and forgot about a lot of assignments that were due. With the help of my planner, I could write down the due dates of assignments and I even took it one step further by planning out what I was to work on which day. So, if I had something due by Friday, I would write in my planner that I had to work on it Tuesday and Thursday.

This item held me accountable all freshman year and it honestly felt so liberating being able to check an assignment or exam off when I was done with it. Purchase a planner if you’re like me and need a little more help being organized!

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