Don’t Forget to Pack Your PODS

Mom can’t come live in the dorms with you, so you’re inevitably going to have to learn to do your own laundry at some point. That is, unless you plan on leaving all the fun in Madison and going home every weekend to continue having mom do it for you (please don’t do this!).

Now that you’ve decided to grow up and do your own laundry, I’m sure you have so many questions. Do I have to separate my clothes? Should I use hot water or cold? Where do I put the detergent? Speaking of detergent, I might need to buy some of that. What brand do I get? Which is better, liquid detergent or pods?

I wish I could answer all your laundry related questions for you, but I’m still new to this whole concept too! However, one piece of advice is to keep it simple and go with Tide PODS. You don’t need to overcomplicate the laundry process more by trying to measure out liquid detergent and risk putting it in the wrong place. With Tide PODS all you need to do is throw one or two on top of your clothes and press start (after you decided on hot or cold water).

Disclaimer: Please don’t eat the pods; they’re not edible. Also, don’t be alarmed if these Tide PODS are now locked up in some child proof contraption at the store.

Good luck!

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