3 Hacks to Eat Healthy I​n College

College is the first time that most freshmen are completely responsible for feeding themselves 100% of the time. One of the biggest marks of adulthood is a person’s ability to provide for themselves, and the habits you create in college will follow you for life. Here are 3 ways to eat healthy when just starting adulthood:

(1) Keep fresh veggies and fruit in your mini fridge.

Each dorm at UW-Madison comes with a mini fridge, so use it! When it comes to late night studying, it’s easy to just reach for the closest and most convenient food for a quick snack, so make the snack you grab healthy. Some of my favorites are carrots, cucumbers, and apples!

(2) Make a homemade meal once in a while.

While it can be easy to just eat in the dining hall for every meal, try to make one of your favorites in the dorm kitchen! It’s a great way to practice your cooking skills and taste some familiar food from home. Even if you can’t make a roast just like your mom can, some simple spaghetti is a great start.

It’s also fun to experiment with new recipes! One of my favorite sites to find recipes is allrecipes.com because they are super easy to follow and you can find just about anything you desire.

(3) Trail mix: your go-to snack.

Another easy snack to grab is trail mix. I like to make my own because it’s cheaper and then I can pick only the ingredients I like! To make the trail mix healthy, be sure to get a variety of nuts, seeds, and dry fruit, and minimize the sweets.

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