May the light be with you!

The library may be one of the better study space options, but on those winter nights or late night study sessions, sometimes you may just want to stay in your home away from home. On nights like these, my clip-on lamp was the perfect dorm accessory!

Having time to wind down after a long day of classes and extracurricular activities is essential to maintain balance. Dorm rooms are tight quarters and sometimes don’t provide the space for a coach or comfortable seating. My bed was my sleeping space, and it provided comfortable seating if I read a book before bed, journaled, or worked on homework for class. My clip-on light provided the right amount of light for my side of the room without having to worry about using my phone flashlight for extra light.

The clip-on lamp is light-weight and easily transportable! Dorm rooms don’t always have a ton of light, so bringing additional light sources is important to make your space feel cozy and functional.

This type of light source is helpful if your sharing the space with someone. There is an adjustable arm that bends in different directions, so you can position the light to face in several directions and away from your roomates space, if they rather not have any lights on while your studying.

This item is indispensable because the lamp itself can be reused during the years to come. The only part that needs to be replaced every so often are the light bulbs. I’d say the only drawback is that it’s a plug-in light, so there needs to be an outlet or power strip nearby.

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