How to Make a Home Cooked Meal In Your Dorm Room.

Tired of food from the dining hall? Miss your mom’s home cooking? Well I certainly did during my freshman year when I lived in a dorm. I was tired of having a lot of the same food over and over again and I was getting sick of the food that I was eating. I knew I needed to do something about this situation so I figured out a few hacks on how to create a home cooked meal in my dorm with only a microwave. I guess it wasn’t a full home cooked meal but let’s just call it a dorm cooked meal.

This home cooked meal that I am referring to does not include easy mac, eggo waffles for dinner or pizza bagels.

Rather, the nearby Trader joe’s to campus as well as Fresh Market have lots of microwave ready foods that resemble more to a home cooked meal.

There are many instant rice packs as well as zucchini noodle pacs that are microwaveable. These were my favorite base to my home cooked meal. I was also able to buy precooked chicken and warm it up in my microwave as well as microwavable veggies. There I had multiple options of a full meal.  

From just these ingredients I was able to prepare many different meals and dishes.

My tip to you incoming freshman is to always have silverware in your dorm, get a bunch of sauces and dressings to add flavor to your food and always utilize your microwave.

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