3 Tips for Babysitting a Drunk Roommate

Drinking on college campuses remains prevalent in the college experience across the nation.  While it is not certain that you will have to deal with a roommate after a long night out, it is very possible.  Here are a few tips on how to help you and your roommate make it safely through the night. Let them take the bottom bunk   

1. Let them take the bottom bunk   

Nothing is worse than trying to climb a ladder after a few drinks.  Not to mention that the risk of falling of is obviously much higher than it is sober.  In order to keep your roommate safe as possible, offer them to sleep in your bed.  If both of your beds are bunked, give them the couch, futon, or throw the mattress onto the floor for a night.  Anything to keep your roommate as close to the ground as possible.  

2. Support them

This could be a variety of things.  Anything from giving them food and water, going to the bathroom with them and checking up on them from time to time, even once they go to bed.  It may seem tedious but it is worth it in the long run.

3. Call police if you think it’s necessary  

If things are really bad, call the police.  It better to have your roommate be mad at you than to have them be in serious danger.  Remember, if you call the police for help, they will not give you a ticket for drinking.   

Learn more about campus drinking polices here.  

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