Your Parents Head Home… Now What?

It can be both liberating and terrifying when you head to college, leaving your home and parents behind. Whether you were independent and took care of your own errands and tasks, or your parents did your laundry and made your meals, living on your own will take some getting used to. With the following information you can have a seamless transition.

2009 Freshman Move In Day 004
Move-in day.

1) Call Your Parents

School gets busy, try to call your parents every Monday night or whenever you go to the store as a part of your routine. They miss you. They can also be a place for support and help. Don’t forget to thank them when you realize how much they did for you while you were under their roof.

2) Eat Healthy

At home you likely had home cooked, balanced meals, but now options are endless. Dining halls can be healthy if you make them, just try to make healthy choices to keep off the infamous freshman fifteen.

3) Set a Schedule

When you move out, there isn’t someone to tell you to do your homework or remind you to take care of your laundry. Make a calendar or plan for what you want to do each day and when to do it. Everything from homework, cleaning, laundry, eating, and of course classes. This will keep you accountable and on top of things.

4) Open up!

This is finally your opportunity to explore whatever you want! Make friends, leave your door open, try new things and take advantage of your new freedom (responsibly of course).

Keep these things in mind and you’ll do great!

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