Tips to Expand Your Circle

Going to college can be scary. The dorms can be scary. How will you live without your lifelong high school friends? Luckily, almost every UW-Madison freshman is in the same boat as you. Everyone is looking for new friends! Yay! Follow these unconventional tips for friend-making made easy in the dorms.

Tip #1: Leave Your Door Open

Every UW-Madison dorm room comes equipped with a door stopper. If at some point in time you lose this door stopper like my roommate and I did, a shoe or unused book will suffice. Keeping your door open is one of the easiest ways to meet more people on your floor. Those walking by will say hi, and you will have a great opportunity to invite people to your humble abode.

Tip #2: Bake Something!

Not only is baking a fun activity to do with others, but everyone loves the person that made brownies! Freshman year, everyone is missing their mom or dad’s cooking, and offering up brownies is a sure way to spark conversation and make some new pals.

Tip #3: Go to Those Dorm Events!

Throughout the year, whichever dorm you live in will most likely host various activities. For example, my dorm had succulent planting, cookie decorating and movie nights. Gather a few friends (or maybe even a few strangers!) from your floor and drag them with you. There is almost always free stuff, and you’ll have an opportunity to meet even more people!

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