College is tough, Mental Health is tougher

According to the American Psychological Association, College students mental health is a substantial increasing concern across the nation. The survey suggests that among college students 41.6 percent experience anxiety, 36.4 deal with depression and 35.8 counter relationship problems.

(Monitor on Psychology, American Psychological Association,

With these statistics so shockingly high, it is important as a college student to address your mental health concerns and act on the progressively and appropriately.

Typically, college students lack the drive to seek help in finding solutions to their mental health problems due to the lack of resources nearby or the detrimental costly expenses of visiting a therapist.

Although, as a student on campus at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, it is possible to find solutions and beneficial practices that can go along way when seeking mental health guidance right on campus and for no cost at all!


On campus, the University of Health Services is located at 333 E Campus Mall, Madison, WI 53715, right in the heart of downtown Madison making it an easy walking distance from most. No car, no problem. This campus facility can be accessed through Madison public transportation systems.

The University of Health Services specializes in not only physical injuries but acknowledges the capacity of how serious mental health can impact the lives of a typical college student. The mental health provides here serve to help students through issues that may interfere with their development, well-being, and academic productivity.

Below is a list of the several mental health services that they provide that will satisfy all students needs based on the way they choose to cope most effectively:

-24-hour crisis services

-Group counseling

-Let’s talk

-Individual counseling

-Lets Yoga

-Survivor Services

-Treatment and recovery

Although I am not a psychiatrist working for UHS specifically, I have used these services throughout my time as a student and have found them to be useful time and time again.

Below is a link to the University of Health Services webpage that can give you more information on receiving the health you need right on campus!

An incredible resource to getting back on your feet once again!

You are NEVER alone when dealing with mental health setbacks and it is NEVER too late to get the help you need to push through!

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