Snow Better Way to Enjoy your Winter Break!

Going to school in Madison, Wisconsin may not be the most pleasant when it comes to our yearly polar vortex. A typical UW-Madison student will enjoy a maximum of three days at the terrace the entire year before they are sent home just as the weather gets nice. While many fall into a winter depression and lack of vitamin D, here are three things to do in the abundance of snow this winter!

  1. Go Skiing

No matter where you are in the country, there are a plethora of ski mountains for you. Whether you are skiing down the bunny hill following the tracks of your instructor or taking on the challenge of a double black diamond, nothing beats a day on the mountain and a night by the fire. 

Best mountains per region:

East coast: Mont Tremblant

Midwest: Alpine Valley Resort

West coast: Jackson Hole

Teton Village Nighttime

2. Get crafty with it

Don’t limit yourself to building just a snowman, the opportunities are endless! Grab a group of friends and family, and dream work can make the team work. You can even run an extension cord for a TV or electronic device into the igloo for some added fun.

3. Build a hot chocolate stand

Who said lemonade stands were just for the summer? Start by building a desk out of snow as a base for your shop. Next, you can line the table with Christmas lights to add an aesthetic touch. Lastly, just bring out the ingredients and voilà you are a money making machine!

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