It May Sound Lame… but THIS Is the Best Way to Spend Your Spring Break.

Year after year, UW-Madison ranks amongst the top party schools of the nation. With this reputation, you can only imagine the stereotypically wild spring break trips UW students are capable of. While it may seem like a good idea to grab your new college besties and chase this college dream, I have an even better idea—vacation with your parents. 

You’re most likely wondering the logic behind spring break with your parents, so let me break it down for you with three main points. 


  • You’re reaching the end of your first year living on your own, and LEMME TELL YA your bank account is most likely crying. Rather than splurging on your own vacation, try and convince your parents to let you tag along on theirs to save some cash.


  • With a semester and a half of college under your belt you’re experiencing some major life changes. It’s always good to keep your parents up to date on your life and to catch up on what you’re missing at home. 


  • School is EXHAUSTING. It’s important to rejuvenate so you can finish the semester strong, and a week with your parents is the perfect solution.

Here’s a link if you need help finding the right destination for you & your parents to vacation!

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