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Have you ever struggled to find a major or class that fits all your interests? For me, I love Journalism but I also love fashion, yet there is no Fashion-Journalism major. Design Studies 270 allowed me to put the two together and step outside my comfort zone!

What it’s all about?

Design Studies 270 is a class that incorporates all aspects of skill sets that correlate into real-life work. During this class, you spend the semester planning and executing the UW-Threads Fashion Show that goes on at the end of April. Whether you enjoy designing clothes, managing groups of people, photography, marketing, public relations or production, you can find a team that fits your interests.

The logistics of DS 270:

The class size can range from 25 to 35+ students depending on who all decides to join. It is a two-credit class available in the spring semester and is run by Professor Carolyn Kallenborn, who has had great experience in the fashion world. You are participating in a class that gives you experiences that are helpful for building a portfolio and resume.

Why I love it!

This class is great because it is open to all majors and encourages a wide variety of talent to join. Everything from creating the advertisements for the event to creating the look-book and setting up the photo shoots, it is all run by the students. I have always been interested in the fashion world but I was never artistically gifted enough to become a designer. This class opened my eyes to the ways I could incorporate my Journalism and Public Relations major with my love for fashion into one career.

More information:

If this sparks your interest, below are various outlets that go into depth about the class and the experience it gives.

The show producers perspective from the UW site

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