Winter Break in Naperville…or NaperTHRILL?

Winter Break is all about the festive holiday spirit. Whether you spend it alone, with friends, or family, most people are always in high spirits, unless you are the Grinch of course. Most of the time, hot cocoa, blankets, and Christmas movies are the best way to spend this cold time. However, I’m from Naperville, IL, and one of the highlights of Winter Break that you should definitely check out is the Holiday Lights Tour!

Naperville is known to have some of the most dedicated residents to decorate their house in lights, statues, music, and more during Christmas time. Naperville Trolley Tours is known to give you the opportunity to see all of these wondrous sights and experience the holiday spirit. You can either choose to go on a public or private tour, and they will take you to all the hot spots to see the enchantment of Holiday lights. Reservations for 1 hour private tours in December start getting booked February 1st of each year. Public tour tickets go on sale beginning August 1st of the year. The trolley holds 32 passengers, and you can choose between the Northern Tour, which are houses north of 75th street, or the Southern tour, which are houses south of 75th street. Be sure to check it out and experience the NaperTHRILL! I promise it won’t let you down.

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