Why this Course will Actually make you a Happier Person

I was shocked to discover that there was a course completely dedicated to understanding human happiness. When I saw the description for Inter-He 201, I registered immediately, having no clue as to how much this course would change my life.

I had already taken main-stream courses like Economics and Psychology, which can be a little uninteresting. I was looking for something that offered more. I wanted a course that would make me think, “Wow, this has changed my life.”

From my first Inter-He discussion, there were many things that lead me to believe that this course was the one i’ve been searching for:

  1. The class is arranged in a circle. In a normal classroom there are desks arranged in rows. Not in Inter He. The professor believes that sitting in a circle encourages feelings of community.
  2. Everyone sits on the floor. Imagine: A classroom of 18 – 21 year olds sitting on the floor. It reminded me of sitting on the rug in kindergarten and I loved it.
  3. Football players. HALF of the football team was in this class. I had five football players in my discussion and it was very cool to build relationships with them.
  4. The Material. This class is based around the question, “what makes people happy?” Everything we learned had applications in the real world to make life fuller.

I highly recommend this course if you want to learn the secret to a happier life. I would take Inter-He 201 again if I could but sadly, you aren’t allowed to. I asked the professor.

To find out more, hit the link for the course guide: https://sohe.wisc.edu/research-development/initiatives/mind-body-family-well-being/ecoyou-course

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