What 3 Things You Need For Taking Showers in the Dorms

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College is full of all sorts of new experiences.  One of them is sharing a bathroom with a hall full of other students.  College bathrooms are a whole new ballpark–especially when it comes to showers. Here are three things you need to take showers in your dorm!

1.Shower shoes.

This is a must.  Now that you’re in college, you’ll be sharing showers with multiple people.  Wearing shower shoes protects yourself from any bacteria that may be lurking around the shower floor.  I wore rubber flip flops in the shower, and they worked great. They’ll kept your feet free from bacteria, and you’ll feel comfortable.  

2. Shower caddy.

Your shower at home has your shampoos, conditioners, and body washes all waiting for you.  Dorms don’t have this luxury. Having a shower caddy makes carrying all of your things easier, and it helps keep your items all together in an organized manner while your shower.  Some shower caddies even have waterproof pouches. I always put the key to my room in the pouch, so it stayed dry and accessible for use after my shower.

3. Bathrobe.

Most dorms have shared bathrooms in the hallway, so you will have to walk outside your room to get to the showers.  You don’t have to worry about changing in the stall or covering a towel around yourself if you wear a bathrobe. Rather, you can walk with ease–and comfort–to and from the bathroom.  And what’s better than a snuggly bathrobe after a warm shower?

Use these items, and dorm showering will be no problem!  

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