This Will Open Doors For You

To be more accurate, this item really only keeps doors open for you, so you’ll have to open the door yourself first. I’m talking about a doorstop. This is one of the most valuable items that you can bring to your first year at UW-Madison. The day you move in to your dorm is a great day. You start living with side-by-side with handfuls of kids that you’ve likely never met before. At that moment, each one of those people is a potential friend for the next four years of your life and beyond. Some may eventually make you want to pull your hair out for various reasons, but many will turn out to be great friends. But to figure out which people fall into each category, you need some interaction.

Enter, doorstop. Any time you have free time in your room, prop the door all the way open. Sure, you could use a shoe or any other heavy item, but where’s the fun in that? You’ll be amazed how many more interactions you’ll have with your floor mates when your door is propped open as they walk by. When that’s the mindset that the majority of your floor has, there is immediately a stronger sense of community on your floor. The best part about living in the dorms is that there’s always someone else to hang out with. It’s a lot easier to find that person when they have their door open.

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