Things to Do to Enjoy a Wisconsin Winter Break in Not-So-Ideal Weather

You’re just getting done with your first semester of classes. Now you’re ready to go home and enjoy that month of zero responsibilities. If you’re a Wisconsin native like me, you also realize that this could be a very boring break thanks to Wisconsin’s subzero temperatures.

If you’re all about staying in bed for winter break, great! Then Wisconsin is perfect for a guilt-free, lazy winter break.

But if you want to do more than Netflix and chill (by chill I mean freeze in the weather), then below are things you can do that don’t require much.

1. Crack open those light reading books

Your face has been buried in a mandatory college textbook for the past four months, so now’s the time to read something you’ve been actually wanting to read. That Nicholas Sparks book has been sitting on your bookshelf for long enough, now you can actually read it.

Books on a bookshelf

2. Redecorate your bedroom

Nothing says new year, new me like a new look! Start in your bedroom by redecorating it back home. After all, you’ll be living here for the next month, so why not change it up a bit? Add lights, paint your walls a new color, or add a rug to change up the look and feel of your bedroom.

A girl painting a wall a bright orange color.


Live out your childhood dream by making a blanket fort! You know you’ve wanted to build one ever since you were at home for a snow day in elementary school. Now’s the time! The, string up some lights and bring your laptop in to watch movies.

Image result for blanket fort
Blanket and pillow fort with a lamp inside to add some lighting.

These things will surely help you get out of the ‘winter blues’. Try them all if you want to make sure your winter break is a success!

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