Return to Yourself: 3 Self-Reflective Journal Prompts to Cozy Up With This Winter Break

Congratulations, you’ve completed your first semester of college. It’s probably been a whirlwind: you left your home, your family, and your friends and experienced a new place, new people, and life on your own for the first time. Life in college moves fast— so fast, you may not have even had time to stop and think about all the personal growth you have undergone in the last four months.

Over winter break, take a second to cozy up in front of the fire and self-reflect using these three journal prompts. These questions are only meant to guide thought; wherever your mind takes you on this journey of self-reflection, follow it (if you’re new to journaling, try these tips)!

  1. What are some aspects of this past semester that make you proud? What have you worked hard for? In what ways have you pushed yourself?
  2. What are a few things about your life at school that have made you happy, or have made you feel good about yourself in some way?
  3. What is a goal you have for this upcoming semester? What are some steps you can take to achieve it? Why is it important to you?

In the hectic world of university life, it’s all too easy to get caught up and forget to take a moment to appreciate and evaluate the person you are becoming. This winter break, use these journal prompts to reconnect with yourself and reflect on the wonderful growth that comes along with your newfound independence.

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