First Year Means First Big Decisions

Tip on how to make the right decision for you!

Housing can be tough your freshman year whether you live in an apartment or have a dorm on campus. Most have a roommate who they may have not known before and that can be challenging for some. How about deciding to purchase a meal plan or cook for yourself? Below are some tips on how to make a decision fit for you!

I lived in a dorm room my freshman year with someone I knew so the nerves were a bit settled by the time we moved in because I was already comfortable with that person. With that said, there were challenges in trying to get used to my roommate’s everyday routine like when they wake up, go to bed, want to watch television, etc. If you don’t always agree with your roommate, tell them (politely)! It is often better to have open conversations with your roommate in order to keep your relationship positive. Dealing with current problems can prevent other issues down the road.

When I chose to live in the dorms, I purchased a meal plan because all students who live in the dorms are required to have one. There are three meals plan and I chose the first one which was the least expensive. I loved not having to worry about cooking for myself in the dorms and I could just run to the nearest dining hall to grab a bite to eat! For me, it was a huge stress relief not having to worry about preparing my meals because I could spend more time studying and doing homework instead!

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