Why You Should Take a Winterim Class Over Break

Did you know that UW-Madison allows you to take courses over winter break? These classes have helped me be flexible, get ahead on coursework, and even allow me to study abroad. Taking a winterim class is a great way to make the most of your break!

Online Classes Offer Flexibility

The class I took this past winter break, ENGL 456, was online so I could still go home and spend time with family. Additionally, the class didn’t start until January 2, so I had a few weeks off at the beginning of break to enjoy the holidays. By the time class rolled around I was starting to get bored of my hometown and was thankful to have something to do!

Lighter Course Load During the Semester

Enrollment for classes that take place over winter break is the same as spring enrollment, and the credits count in the spring semester. I was enrolled in the maximum credits this past semester but it wasn’t overwhelming because they were spread out. When the semester started, my brain was already in “school mode” so it was easier to get back to work!

You Can Even Study Abroad!

Color houses of La Boca, Buenos Aires, Argentina. Photo by Luis Argerich.
This file is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution 2.0 Generic license.

I have always wanted to spend a semester abroad, but after deciding to graduate a year early I realized that I wouldn’t have time. However, I found out that I would still be able to get the study abroad experience when I heard that International Academic Programs offers options over the winter intersession. I am planning to go to Argentina this upcoming winter through UW Activism Through the Arts!

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