The Best Way to Spend Winter Break? Pretend like You’re in Middle School Again

If you’re like me, winter break was always the happiest time with Christmas right around the corner and all of my family at home spending time with one another. Now that you’re a freshman, you haven’t probably been home in four months and you may not even know how to spend your time in the place where you once did everything.

Here’s what I did to remind myself how to enjoy break with my family like I was young living at home again:

  • Play board games

My family is really into board games. We have a huge shelf in our basement of games collected over the past 22ish years. Ranging from Pretty Pretty Princess to Risk, we have it all.

  • Watch movies

My mom and I have a tradition of watching the entire Twilight series during winter break. This tradition started almost a decade ago and we still do it every year.

  • Bake cookies

My family used to spend every winter break together having a cookie decorating day. Although our frosting decorating skills have improved significantly, we still manage to make fun of each other and have lots of laughs doing this together.

  • Play outside

When I was in sixth grade, my siblings and I spent days creating a complex snow fort outside. Although that fort can never be topped, we can still try every year.  

  • Do nothing

Remember being stuck at home, unable to drive, and bothering your parents with “I’m bored”? Well, you just grinded for four months straight so let yourself be bored for a little bit and lay around doing literally nothing.

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