Out with the old, in with the new (and improved) YOU!

Coming into college, they always say “this is your time to reinvent yourself” or “you’ll find who you truly are”. Yes, you’ll experience new, fun things like going to your first Badger game day, meeting your best friends, and realizing how much differently classes work here versus in high school. But, no one really explains how you can show off all that you’ve learned and what you’ve become. That’s why I’m here: to share my tips!


Whether you’re traveling back home or staying in Madison for your winter break, this is the perfect time to add your own touch to your safe place. If you’re anything like me, you moved into college just putting your things wherever they fit and left your room at home looking exactly as it’s been for the past however many years. But now, put time into creating your ideal space. Below are ways to get started:

  • Repaint your pink or blue walls with something a little more ~aesthetic~.

  • Add different lighting to set the tone you want.

  • Hang up your favorite photos to show them off!

  • Keep some touches the same to feel “homey”.

  • Don’t be afraid to research and find your style! (I know I used Google and Pinterest a TON.)

  • Bonus points for having friends/family help and saving money!

By the end of this project, you’ll not only have basically a whole new room, but also feel so accomplished. This space should be where you grow throughout your next years at UW-Madison! Have fun, relax during your chilly winter break, and most importantly, BE YOU.

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