Lights, Camera, Action

Coming home after a long semester of class, gamedays, and the freezing cold, all I want to do is a binge of the Oscar-nominated movies. I have and will forever always be a movie lover at heart. Ever since I was a child going to the movies and streaming new films have been something of a passion of mine. During your freshman year winter break you should do what I do and binge the Oscar-nominated movies for that year.

Movies, Movies, and More Movies

The Academy Awards, also known as the Oscars, is one of the most prestigious awards to win for directors, actors, filmmakers, and screenwriters. Movie stars and filmmakers from all over the world come and attend this event hoping to win an Oscar trophy. The thrill of the audience and the creative minds that are all sitting together in one room brings the essence of hope and awe that I have always been amazed by. Watching the Oscars when I was younger was only something that seemed pleasing to the eye until I was older. I did not enjoy watching people win awards for movies, shorts, and films I had never heard of. Ever since that moment, I decided to dedicate my winter breaks of college to watching as many Oscar-nominated movies as I possibly could.

And the Oscar goes to…

Some Tips for Success

Don’t be fooled. Watching movies is not always as easy as you think. Oscar-nominated movies are harder to watch. Since these movies are brand new and most likely not on Netflix or HBO yet, the dedication to attend the movie theater can become intense and exciting. Start to bring friends and families to the theater with you and make it a fun afternoon with peers. Additionally, the Academy Awards show takes place towards the end of February each year. This gives you almost an entire month to catch up on new films you may want to see and to watch movies you may never even have heard of. Lastly, make it a group effort! As a freshman, it can be difficult to make friends and connections, so get a group of friends together either from your floor, a club, class, or other outside groups you may be in and watch the films together! This way you can start a conversation with new friends about all the movies and then you will have something in common to discuss during winter break and when you come back to school in the spring.

The Showing Party

After all your hard work and dedication that you and your friends did to watch as many Oscar-nominated movies as you could, now its time to celebrate. Have a get-together with all your friends and anyone else who loves the Academy Award Shows and watch the live showing together. This makes for a fun and exciting night filled with suspense about which films and actors are going to win the various awards. Although winter break is long, filling it with movies make for an enjoyable and relaxing break with friends, families, and of course film.

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