A Class That Teaches You How to Relax

What if I told you that there was a class that actually took your stresses away? I mean, besides the three exams, would you believe me if I said this class takes the time to make sure you are breathing, meditating and being mindful?

Well, you should. Inter-He 201: Belonging, Purpose And The Ecology Of Human Happiness: EcoYou is the perfect class for an incoming freshman to take if they are already feeling overwhelmed by their class schedule or college in general.

About the Course

Inter-He 201: Belonging, Purpose And The Ecology Of Human Happiness: EcoYou is a three-credit, elementary course that counts as L&S credit with a breadth in social science. This class emphasize that everyone has a purpose in life and that each person is connected to one another in their own way. A major theme is individual happiness within human relationships. When I took this class, my professor was Linda Roberts, and she truly made the class for me. She was always engaging and was very knowledgable about the information.

A Look Into What the Class Really is

It is inevitable that any class you take at UW-Madison will teach you something and test you on that something. But Inter-He provides you with actual in-class activities that will enhance that learning. In my personal experiences, each discussion section involved some form of meditation, whether it be yoga, mindfulness or even just resting our eyes for a bit. Being that this class was pretty early in the morning, I felt that these moments of relaxation were necessary to wake me up, keep me focused and get me ready for the rest of the day.

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