A Class that Gives You a Community: SOC205

Overwhelmed by large classes as an incoming freshman?  What if I told you that you can take a ten person seminar class. Yes, you heard me a ten person class in college, there is such a thing! Did I also mention that this class has no tests or exams and meets only twice a week!

Sociology 205: Intercultural Dialogues is the class for you if you are looking for a small class setting to help transition you to college life.

About the Course

SOC205 is an elementary level three credit course that is taught by two TA’s. That’s right… two TA’s and no professor! In addition,SOC 205 fulfills the ethnic studies university requirement, which all students are required to fulfill. In SOC205  you will discusses gender, race, ethnicity, diversity, racism and more social issues on a personal level. Each class is discussion based and lead by your two TA’s. This class gives you the opportunity to share your opinions and personal stories about social issues.

My Experience

My experience in SOC205 was unforgettable. My small class turned into a homebase for me. Every time I had the class I got excited to talk to my peers about non related class material as well as class material. SOC205 turned into an outlet and was a comfort for me during my first year of college.

If you are seeking a small community to be apart of, interested in social justice issues and need to fill your ethnic studies requirement, SOC205 is most certainly the class for you!

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